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Originally Posted by f6fhellcat13 View Post
I can't say I know much of the provenance of this car, so let me make a straw man, but can you see why some might not want to have one of the Silver Arrows that was built by slave labor in their collection? The Auto Union with the Star of David scratched into the carburetor springs hauntingly to mind. I certainly wouldn't want to own such a thing.
I can see why one wouldn't want to own one, and I didn't know there was an Auto Union with a Star of David scratched into the carburetor. That's horrific.

Yes Mr. Porsche was involved in creating tanks for the Nazi regime. Mitsubishi and Subaru also made weapons of war for the Imperial Japanese forces. Chrysler and Packard made tanks for the American war effort too. I respect the history and I am aware of the history. My grandfather lived through the occupation of Hong Kong and swore himself off of Japanese products. He still owned a National rice cooker and a Sony TV. At some point you have to move on otherwise you're just ruminating in the past.

My point is, they brought the car up to auction, people were bidding on it, and the auction house inexplicably changed the base price for the car even when people were willing to pay for it, head over heels. Like Kitdy was saying, this wasn't just any no-name auction house, this is one of the top 10 high end auction houses, likely in the world.
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