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Originally Posted by Kitdy View Post
It all seems a bit house of cards though. How will FCA come out of the next recession? As distasteful as it may seem from the perspective of enthusiasts who like differentiation, Marchionne was probably correct in that further mergers were necessary for the long term in automotive.

Who correctly weathers the transition from gasoline to electric, and correctly timing that transition will be vital. Throw in autonomy too.
I have a feeling at least with the American market, you are already pretty saturated. With Fiat around with compact cars, you end up cannibalizing whatever sales you make with Dodge and Chrysler around if you decide to make an entry level sedan/crossover/compact. And the opposite goes too. If Fiat makes a sale on a 500 crossover, then you're taking away sales from whatever crappy small crossover Jeep makes now. If Jeep makes a small pickup, it'll take away sales from small Dodge pickups. I think Fiat/Chrysler needs to consolidate brands or kill brands again, like they did with Plymouth and Eagle unfortunately.
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