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Originally Posted by Bleeding Heart View Post
All those cars in the list and not one is a Ferrari... What the helll was that all about... They need these cars... Well at least the GT-One Toyota is there...
You really don't know how to see if the thread is old or not huh?

Anyway. At the time of release Gran Turismo 4 didn't feature any Ferrari because EA/Microsoft had the exclusive license for Ferrari cars, so Sony and Polyphony Digital couldn't feature them.

Also, you attached a picture of a 430 Scuderia and a FXX Evoluzione, both weren't even projects at Ferrari when the game was made in 2004.

And finally, and more importantly, THIS WAS NOT THE REAL GT4 CAR LIST.

Now, if you look in the upper left corner of any post at the end of any thread, you will see a date stamp. If the last post is 6 months old or more, please don't reply to the thread, unless if it's a thread in the High-res Hide-out and you want to share new pics. But I don't think you are concerned by high-res pics.

It is very annoying to see you revive old thread so often, people told you in a variety of threads and we infracted you 5 times - FIVE TIMES - for this very reason, you have been banned for one day, and you revived two old threads since your return of your one day ban. Either you stop now or you will enjoy a permaban, trust me on this one. It's your final warning.

Thank you.
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