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Originally Posted by chayson roberts
has any body tried drifting
LMAO ok I have the greatest story.

Ok so one time my friend Phil, with my friend matt goes to my friend sebby's house to play some VG. lmao so both matt and phil don't have their licenses, so they're there with sebby and sebby and his g/f start fighting. So phil and matt ignore them and before they realize it, sebby and his girl are doing it.

lmao so phil's like what are we going to do? matt's like let's go joyride in Sebby's dad's cavalier. So they grab the key's off the counter while all they can hear is moaning, and they run out to the gold 2005 piece of s***. They hop in and they're in like a small town on the edge of a county road. so they barrel down the road and head around the block. when they get back to sebby's phil's like yeah let me drive a little. so they switch seats and phil get's in the driver's seat. He pull's out of the driveway and just stomps it. He comes to like the highway and they're just sitting at a stopsign and phil rev's the engine and burst onto the highway. He get's put and the tail swings out of the car and phil and matt are like ahhhhhhhh and lmao they pull this ****ed up understeer thing I don't know.

Either way they get back to sebby's and sebby and his gf are standing there in the driveway and matt steps out of the car and he's like TOKYO DRIFT!!!! and phil like bursts out laughing and sebby is like what? Sebby is like yeah don't drive my car again lmao.

So Phil, Matt and Sebby work at this gas station together, which is owned by sebby's dad. Everytime a Cavalier come's in they look at each other and yell out tokyo drift! It's hilarious.

Sorry about the chopp story but yeah I don't feel like editing it.

I want to try a drift in my RX-7 sometime, but it's highly unlikely because I don't have the cash to buy new tires lmao.

By the way could we get some Sileighty pic's in here?
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