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Drivetrain details

Backing the Anniversary 427 in Project X is a heavy-duty Richmond five-speed manual transmission, which channels torque to a Strange Engineering S60 rear axle that’s fitted with 3.73 gears. This all helps spin a set of massive 20- x 15-inch rear wheels. Budnik built the one-off rims for Project X, which melds period five-spoke styling with contemporary proportions. They have satin-finished center sections with polished outers, including the matching 18- x 7-inch front wheels. The tires are from Mickey Thompson.

To hold up that heavy-duty drivetrain, while also ensuring safe, comfortable and responsive driving performance, the GM Performance team created a rear suspension featuring a triangulated four-link design with QA-1 coil-over-shock components and Art Morrison control arms. The rear frame rails were narrowed five inches to accommodate the oversized tires.

At the front, sections of C6 Corvette rails are used. They were spliced onto the Chevy’s original frame, enabling a complete Corvette front suspension system to be used, including the disc brake system with 14-inch rotors (Wilwood discs with 10-inch rotors are used at the rear). A custom front stabilizer bar was created for the car by Addco.

Enhanced structure

The Corvette suspension provides Project X with vastly improved ride and handling characteristics – attributes that were enhanced with a strengthened front-end structure.

“Before starting the work, the car’s frame was scanned into our computers for analysis,” said Copeland. “Although it was obvious where opportunities existed for strengthening the front of the car, the analysis helped determine the best way of achieving that goal.”

GM Performance Division engineers and technicians added a new subframe and reconstructed the core support area at the front of the chassis, while also adding structure to other sections of the Project X’s front end – including an pair of additional body mounts. The new core support structure also integrates a custom Griffin radiator and the condenser for the Vintage Air climate system.

To free up more space under the hood – and prevent the classic Chevy headache caused by the bulky latch – the stock hood latch was replaced with Solstice latches. Also, the stock hood hinges were swapped for Cadillac STS trunk hinges and hydraulic support lifts.

Chevrolet Project X #2
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