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Body and paint

Like so many of the details throughout the car, the body and paint work look simple enough at a glance, but represent untold hours of planning, execution and attention to detail.

The body was removed from the frame during the restoration and completely reworked. At the front, the iconic bumper/grille was re-done with a custom, billet aluminum grille bar – outfitted with a “427” emblem – while the grille has a unique mesh pattern.

On the hood, the iconic “gun sight” ornaments were removed and their housings enlarged by 50 mm. They now serve as ram air induction inlets, feeding a custom air box mounted to the underside of the hood. When the hood is closed, the air box fits over the Anniversary 427’s carburetor, which is fitted with an L-88-style flame arrestor.

Along the flanks, the signature ’57 Chevy side trim has been re-created in CNC-milled billet aluminum. In fact, the rear trim section – which was comprised of three pieces originally – was reproduced as a single piece that more than seven feet long. And though Project X is a “210” model, the builders “filled in” the rear trim section with a stylized version of the Bel Air insert incorporating countless brushed-style “X” insignias.

“There are countless details in the body and it really takes an expert to find all of them,” said Copeland. “For example, the front door corners were rounded off and the bumper bolts were removed for a smoother look – even the small front fender slots were recreated to match the angle of the headlamp housings.”

And because Project X has been yellow since its inception, it was re-sprayed with a new Corvette Z06 Millennium Yellow hue.
Chevrolet Project X #3
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