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Hidden amenities

As with the exterior, Project Xs cabin was completely dismantled and rebuilt with plenty of subtle details and tricks. The dashboard, for example, was custom-built with billet aluminum inserts that carry the same X logos as the exterior Bel Air trim panel. A full set of Custom Rod Gauges instruments built specifically for Project X fills the panel in front of the driver. The dashboard also houses factory air conditioning vents that serve as outlets for the aftermarket Vintage Air climate system.

The front seats began life as Cadillac STS units and were modified to give them a chopped-down, slimmer look including the removal of the headrests. The rear seat is from a 1956 Buick and it was modified with an aluminum center trim panel. All the seats are covered in rich, black leather with grey cloth inserts.

Additional interior details include door panel trim that mimics the design of the exterior trim, a sporty steering wheel from a 1963 Impala SS and a 64 Impala center console that was widened to fit the space between the late-model STS seats. Rising out of the console is a classic Hurst shifter that is used to stir the Richmond five-speed.

Some of Project Xs best interior details are hidden in plain sight, including the power window switches. Theyre connected to the original-type manual window cranks, which require only a quarter-turn to lower or raise the windows giving the interior a great blend of vintage style and modern technology. A Kenwood audio system is also hidden in the interior and it is operated via an overhead touch-screen control panel. The panel also contains controls for the exhaust cut-outs, fog lights and trunk release.

Other hidden features are located in the trunk, which was re-done in hand-formed steel including the wide wheel tubs and incorporates side access panels for storage and to keep the rear-mounted battery out of view.

Chevrolet Project X #4
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