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Originally Posted by digitalcraft View Post
Oh yes F450, that comes with the extended king cab right? Dual rear wheels? Bed liner?

Anyways, I thought the california was sort of a scaglietti sucessor? Like Scaglietti then Fiorano then California. Guess not. The 599GTB wiki page has a nice categorized timeline at the bottom.

This is what WIki says about an F430 or Enzo sucessor:
"The Millechili (Italian for: one thousand (mille) kilograms (chili)) is a lightweight two-seater loaded with Formula One technology. In many ways it will be a successor to the Enzo, but instead of adding power, Ferrari will subract weight. The Millechili is a derivative of the F430ís aluminum space frame on a slightly longer, 104.3-inch wheelbase. The mid-engine layout will carry a new V10 engine of unknown displacement making upwards of 600 horsepower."
the V10 was an option discussed about 6 months ago or more, for what I know they then discarded it (and also the possibility of another v12 iirc) in favour of the V8 twin turbo.

btw, the Millechili, as already stated, is just the visualization of the idea behind the car, it has the same value of some notes on a toilet paper tbh.
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