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Originally Posted by henk4 View Post
thank you for correcting me. I was more pointing at the fact that there are two different locations, the Villa d'Este hotel and the Villa Erba park, the latter being ignored most of the time, as being far less fancy.
BTW did you withstand the rain on Sunday?
Yeah, Villa Erba is basically ignored everytime, too bad as I understood there is a nice and vast exhibition even there usually, right?

I wasn't there btw, my mean of transportation was either a train leaving at 6 am from Modena and taking me bac at 11 or 12 pm, with an heavy morning on Monday (today) at Unviersity from 8 am, or a friend of mine's car, which was to be the final choice. On Friday he has withdrawn his participation, and I was already happy enough with Thurdays at Balocco. Too bad it rained (for all of you), but at least I didn't miss the usual gorgeous day.

Would have killed to see the One-77's interiors.
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