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I could not quite work out how handbrake turns would be easier with a footbrake than a handbrake, either.

Also, I dispute that supercars are about irrationality or silliness. That is more likely to be projected on them by some of the people who want to drive them. Based on my understanding, supercars are designed to go very, very fast. How many slow cars have been labelled "supercars", based on their silliness? The Reliant Robin?

Supercar manufacturers depend upon their technical competence to market their cars. The people who actually buy an MP4-12C will do so because it has carbon ceramic brakes, a carbon fibre monocoque, and because it can challenge the performance of a 458 Italia, without catching fire (as yet). While I like Top Gear, I realise that Clarkson's approach is that of someone who is reviewing cars as objects of a fantasy, but is not actually putting his own money into it, nor having to translate that fantasy into an every-day reality. For the real buyers, who the manufacturers serve, there is a line between a car being the most extreme performance car that it can be, and a car that is impractical, undriveable, unsafe, or otherwise silly. For the amount of money that a supercar costs, I cannot imagine too many buyers making a deliberate choice of an irrational car. These companies still sell cars based on their perceived competence. They value their reputations.
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