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I know that Clarkson is a supercar buyer as well, but my point was rather that the way that he drives on television, in a car that is not his, is probably quite different from the way that he would drive the same cars, after buying them for himself. I know that he speeds, but if he drove his own supercars the way that he does on television, he would need to replace the tyres every time he drives them, and would have lost his licence many times over.

In any case, most of his cars are from manufacturers with reputations for taking themselves seriously. Even Lamborghini have made their reputation around building competent alternatives to a Ferrari, albeit with more emphasis on style than outright performance, in some cases. The CLK Black is from the most serious manufacturer there is. His only relatively irrational choice, from a manufacturer without a reputation for serious performance, is the Ford GT. He subsequently returned it for a refund, within months, because he was so disappointed with its unreliability. It demonstrates that even Clarkson does not want to spend money on the fantasy that he sells on TV, if the reality is that bad. Even if you are buying a car for a reason that is not strictly practical, and can afford a high cost, you will still not be happy to find that it cannot do the impractical things for which you bought it.
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