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Originally Posted by Matra et Alpine View Post
Big time, interesting but why carry around an extra engine to drive the supercharger when you can more effectively increase the performance by traditional supercharger drive. Co-locating the supercharger drive to optimise the air flow a big issue with separate engine for sure
If you're worried about parasitic power loss by the supercharger then you make the base engine more powerful. The supercharger is a multiplier on the engine output, so it's a win win. AND if you are serious about this because you want a big supercharger and want massive amounts of boost then the main engine mod isnt' then "just a stronger crank, maybe a better head gasket and valve seals"

petchyT, when looking at costs, then you are best googling for your car/engine and see what's in the market. If it's the engine to drive a supercharger idea then first find out what it takes to build a main engine capable of the boost and power you aim. You'll be scared by the work/price never mind then looking at a second engine and supercharger.
Simple. Because you want to make it extreme.
What happens when you already have an engine that's as big as it can fit? You want it to make more power.
What happens after you tuned your engine to make more power, you want even MORE power.

Sort of greed, you want, more, more, MORE!

What happens when you finally have an as big-as-it-can-fit engine? It weights a lot. Usually too much. That's when the other engine at the other end of the car comes to balance weight distribution.

Of course this isn't conventional thinking.
This is extreme, maybe even insane thinking. The kind of thinking that makes supercars possible.
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