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Hi Pete,

The Solo transmission is a mishmash of predominantly Ford bits that were apparently not meant to be used together.

Firstly, the engine and gearbox (T5) are based on the original 3 door, rear wheel drive cossie turned through 173 degrees (so now facing the wrong way!) and angled down, back to front by 3.5 degrees. This set up was used because the Solo 4wd system was designed before the 4x4 Cossie kit was available.

The central diff is a viscous Ferguson type which was Panther designed and takes the offset (both horizontally and vertically) drive from the engine and distributes it 34% front - by propshaft and 66% rear - via chain drive then propshaft to the offset (to near side of the car) rear differential.

The front diff is of open type while the rear is of limited slip type via viscous coupling. Both diffs were from the Sierra 4x4, as were the front brakes, while the rears were from the 3 door cossie. To add to the confusion, the front struts were based on a Mk3 Fwd Escort!

To get an idea of the layout, the best picture I can find is actually earlier in this post and is the 3rd picture listed by panthersolo on page 1. If you want a different view let me know and I will try and take a few snaps for you.

Although, to be honest Pete, based on the ridiculous complexity of the Solo 4x4 system (particularly of the central diff), I'd not hold it up as a paragon for a new design - probably best to use it as a good guide on how not to do it! That said, it works and works fantastically well, generating balance and grip significantly beyond my modified Evo 6 - it's mad but totally brilliant.

Hope this helps, cheers Jamie.

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