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I could very well be wrong, but I think it will work out like that:
  1. Their idea is to either create a new Lexus or a new Audi (probably the most appropiate example is the latter, as Alpine does have a history behind). As such they want exciting new products to create brand which boasts a brilliant image and boosts fat profit margins (which Renaults, never mind Dacias, probably do not have)
  2. Nobody wants an expensive French sportscar from a brand name whose customer base is mostly dead or can't drive any more. The Japanese, not really known for having few resources and making things the half-assed way, have failed with their approach in Europe (let's remember that Alpine's playground will mainly be Europe). This doesn't bode well for the Alpine
  3. Finally, when nobody buys one and you can get one really cheaply because they are languishing on dealer lots it will gain the traffic showroom driver role we discussed in the previous post(s). Which anyway is what Alpines have been since Renault bought the company from Jean Redélé back in the seventies. In fact the last Alpine that wasn't based on a production Renault was... the Renault Spider. This will probably (possibly unfortunately) end up being the same, the only difference is that in this case they have chosen to revive the Alpine name.

Who knows, if I'm wrong maybe Renault has the next Lexus. Maybe they had the work so advanced when they broke up with Caterham that they had no option but to finish it and put it on sale anyway. Or maybe they see the need to move on because of DS or the planned resurgence of Alfa Romeo. Or maybe it's a bit of both. Or maybe it has nothing to do with anything I have said here.

Only time will tell.
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