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Originally Posted by NSXType-R View Post
What happened to the "light cars for the future" design strategy? I thought it was pretty light.
Curb weight: 1700 kg (something like 3750 lb)

Originally Posted by nopassn View Post
after revisiting the car just now... I've got to say... it still makes me want to take my pants off. Seriously. 4100 pounds or not. It's a fine (looking) machine.

Originally Posted by DFH View Post
the car looks wicked but all that torque is going to kill the cars fun factor it's almost impossible to keep the car in control
or this might improve the fun factor..
thats why i would rather go for the standard SL65
the torque is exactly the same in both the SL65 and the SL65 BS, and the standard SL is already not so fun to drive, I read a review in which the car went sideway on the highway after the driver (a proper one) simply accelerated at the maximum while doing 60 mph.
at that time, they said the SL55 was way more interesting and fun.
maybe the SL65 BS new set up and reduced weight could improve the handling capabilities of the car, but a new, proper, review is necessary.
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