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Originally Posted by LeonOfTheDead View Post
the torque is exactly the same in both the SL65 and the SL65 BS, and the standard SL is already not so fun to drive, I read a review in which the car went sideway on the highway after the driver (a proper one) simply accelerated at the maximum while doing 60 mph.
at that time, they said the SL55 was way more interesting and fun.
maybe the SL65 BS new set up and reduced weight could improve the handling capabilities of the car, but a new, proper, review is necessary.
What a waste of a car. It can't even go in a straight line... weighs a ton... looks boring (to me)... handles like a pig, judging by the weight... and is way way way overpriced for a car that does everything wrong.

Maybe the interior's nice - but give me a seatbelt and a steering wheel and I'm happy
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