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Originally Posted by Kooper View Post
So, about the weight thing, if this is supposed to be a lighter-weight SL, I'm seriously astounded how in the world Merc managed to make such a seemingly tiny car as an SL weigh the amount of an M1 Abrams...
What did they use to deaden sound? Lead?

Back to this car particular car, the wheels do not seem to fit in with everything else. Apart from that and the headlights and the ginormous wing, not bad at all.

For the price though, instead of a 5-spd. auto only, 1000+ N.m. near 500kW hairdryer without the drying option, what's wrong with a standard SL65 (assuming you really, really really, really want an SL)?
AFAIK the SL65 isn't a great car and apart from some stupid celebrities, no one wanted, at least, no car enthusiasts, the SL55 /SL63 are way more balanced. maybe this could bring some new light on the SL65 with a better ride. I like the idea of extreme MB but I think they need to do a lot more work. on the base model. Probably, as the CLK63 BS, the car is a huge improvement over the SL65 or even the standard SL in terms of handling and performance (non only power and acceleration), but since it lost the comfort of an SL, all his gadgets and gizmos, it is no more an SL but it still weights a lot because of the weight of the standard SL...I would buy it, but with other 10-15 serious cars on my garage. and probably, with all that money, my "cars to buy list" would be very crowded, so I would forget about this car.
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