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Originally Posted by Wouter Melissen View Post
It looks unlikelier by the day. Although Dyson may still use the Lola rumors as bargaining chip for more support from Weissach.
News came down today I think and you've probably read it that Dyson and Porsche have ended their partnership and Dyson won't be racing the Spyders next year.

So Penske will probably not be racing Spyders next year either then but will potentially return in 2010 with a P1 Porsche? The Porsche in P1 in 2010 intrigues me especially because I've heard that Audi is introducing a new car next year to combat Peugeot and any newcomers. So why is Audi producing a new car or an upgrade for next year if Porsche is entering in 2010? Does PVAG or whatever you want to call the company after Porsche takes over intend to compete against itself in 2010 or will Audi bow out after next year? Or are the Porsche rumours nothing more than rumours?

It is a complicated situation in my eyes and I wish I had more information.

RML also announced they have partnered with Mazda and will utilise the MZR-R engine next year.
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