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great show of endurance and commitment from webber. a great guy that deserved a win more than anyone else on the grid today and has done for quite some time. really enjoyed the race weekend to be honest. full of action and changes. several leaders throughout the race with the potential to take the full 10 points. so frustrating for rubens. totally understand his outbreak in the interview after the race where he questioned his team and said they showed us how to lose a race. he drove very well. and had the stewards decision on his side. yet a few minor set backs turned into an overall loss for him. this guy deserves a breakthrough it has to be said. And what can I say about lewis.. blistering start with the KERS winding his way through to the front row. The one mistake I think he made was that he probably made progress quicker than even he expected and saw the gap to try to swing around webber to try to steal first place. Not predicting the fact that rubens had the exact same idea on the right hand side, webber bouncing over to the left after touching rubens and clipping lewis' rear tyre. Overall over enthusiasm in his attack really. But thats what we like to see. He has nothing to lose afterall. Great season so far!
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