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Originally Posted by f6fhellcat13 View Post
The '63-'65 (and specifically; '65) Rivs are some of my favorite Detroit Iron of all time.
Likewise and a great feature of the '65s is that 'switch the pitch' torque converter I mentioned previous.

As its name suggests, this gizmo alters the pitch of the vanes in the converter when the throttle is depressed about 2/3rds (ie it is either a low or high-stall converter - in one!) and effectively gives you an extra 'half gear' in any gear - including reverse!

I never had a tacho fitted but at a guess it seemed to be worth about 1,200 rpm - like a 'mini kickdown' if you will. You can have great fun by playing just-so with the throttle openings and SP engagement during an upshift, turning the nominally prompt & crisp THM 400 upshifts into this gigantic extended sluuuuurrrr - eg like the original extremely slow-shifting Hydramatics if you remember them.

Among automatic transmissions in the 1960s era I've always been a big fan of the Chrysler 727 Torque Flite, prefering it over GM's Turbo Hydramatic 400 or Ford C6, but imho the Super Turbine is about the best there is. Sadly this XLNT trans was only built 1965 through 67.

May as well throw in this photo of my Riv (taken not long before I sold it) if only to also share this great set of tits.
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