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Ex-factory = as it was from the factory, as in 'out the door'

Warner T-10, as per this video

Early Rivieras were luxury-personal but the performance aspect also came in for praise, and contemporary road tests questioned whether it was just a luxury car or could also be considered a 'muscle' car. At least one manual Riviera competed in Oz Touring Car races in the early to mid sixties (towards the rear-of-field) and iirc their may have been another. Btw at least one of the original road tests I had of the 4-speed also made mention of the clunky shifter. From vague memory the manual trans Riviera might have been a 1964-intro?

I briefly owned a 1962 Electra 225 Riviera sedan (pillarless hardtop with additional, pivoting, rear-side window) in RHD, a rare thing and Buick's most expensive car that year.

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