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Point taken, but I am just saying that Brundle was not exactly right in saying that DPs are as fast as the GTP car were....

Maybe it was as fast as his were though...

Daytona 24 Hours 1990 - Photo Gallery - Racing Sports Cars

He qualified in 1990 in 9th at 1:40.3

Pole that year was 1:37.8

Like I said, DP allows for good racing, the field now is crazy tight vs back then. The fact that they can make a 24 hours race down to the last lap of the last restart is pretty insane. Though obviously with a fair bit of NASCAR competition management of letting the lapped cars get their lap back....And I gotta say, never in my initial view on these cars that they can be as fast as they are now....They essentially jumped 2 classes on their speed from their debut to now(2002, the last year of the "Sports Racer" for Grand Am, the neutered Dallara Judd LMP1 qualified 1:42.0). Although I do wonder what a current LMP car will do....

(Mid-Ohio I think ran both series in the same year and P1 cars were about 10 sec faster for a 1:08 lap vs 1:18)

I never really "dislike" DPs, just they are butt-ugly by pretty much any standard....and they obviously know that which is why they are addressing it in the first real redesign of the class...
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