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Crowd-puller in the paddock

The racing car transporter in operation

The racing car transporter was a sensation on European roads and motorways during its active time from mid-1954 until the fall of 1955, when Daimler-Benz withdrew from racing again. The vehicle even became a star in the paddocks where it often attracted larger crowds than the racing cars

The 300 SLR and its transporter were shipped across the Atlantic and caused quite a sensation at every one of the exhibitions at which the combination was displayed. Legends were woven around the combination's top speed until someone painted "Max. Speed 105 m.p.h." on its rear fenders. This put a stop to the questions, but not to people's amazement. In late 1957, the fast transporter returned to home ground, slightly the worse for wear but still in good condition overall.

The Mercedes-Benz Museum was to become the final place of rest for the aging but still fascinating transporter - together with a 300 SLR already waiting for it. However, the team of transporter and racing sports car proved to be too heavy for the old museum's floors. Plans to reconstruct the museum additionally prevented the combination from being displayed.

And so it happened that the once proud racing car transporter had to do duty in the testing department until it was beyond repair and finally scrapped at Rudolf Uhlenhaut's command in December 1967.
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