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Originally Posted by Ingolstadt View Post
Well, if it's about modern classics, it is still the best looking parked next to the 1st and 2nd gen CLKs, and it looks like a proper mercedes should look, taut, firm bodylines, unlike the shrek-like 1st gen clk, and the "is-that-a-c-class-or-e-class-2nd-gen-clk".

Nonetheless, your query had made me took a long hard look at the 300ce and 406c again, coupled with my 206cc drive 2 weeks back up and down one of the mountain roads in my country (best drive I've had) which had totally reversed my opinion about this car (previously I dubbed it's the 3rd gay-est car; 1st being merc slk, 2nd porsche boxster) and also strengthened the impression of how good oldtime Peugeot's handling are; I've concluded that the 406Coupe is now more desirable to me than the 300CE.

Hope it handles like the 206cc or better. (at least it's more powerful than the crappy but lovely 1.6 right?)

In fact, I'd take any good handling car with crappy 100hp 1.6 ltrs over those 6.3amg power house.
From what I have heard (never driven 406 personally), 406 Coupe isn't ultimate driving machine. But it has very refined and balanced handling, by the best traditions of Peugeot.

Both 504 Coupe and 406 Coupe are highly desireable cars in my book. I actually had to flip a coin to decide which one gets my vote here.

Mercedes W124 Coupes are very good looking too...But not THAT good.
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