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Originally Posted by Revo View Post
From what I have heard (never driven 406 personally), 406 Coupe isn't ultimate driving machine. But it has very refined and balanced handling, by the best traditions of Peugeot.

Mercedes W124 Coupes are very good looking too...But not THAT good.
"Refined and balanced handling, by the best traditions of Peugeot"

That in itself is good enough, as for the looks, at least parked next to the current crop of Evil Smiling Great White Sharks, it's super good looking

And yes, the 300CE is darn good looking, and my dad had one 10 years back, you can't imagine the awe in my face when the seatbelt holders extended the moment I turn the ignition, and the first time in my life ABS kicked in..... (those that made a lot of noise). It is of all things the epitome of Mercedes' expertise in making good cars, reliable, extremely well engineered, powerful, unassuming looks and of course the classy feel you have when driving one, and they never look dated because it doesn't look like anything else on the road.

Speaking of the ultimate driving machine, I've only driven a 325 E46 and I must say, it doesn't feel any better than my A4 B5 1.8T, in fact I'm very pissed with the fake aluminum dash panels.
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