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Originally Posted by Ingolstadt View Post
That in itself is good enough, as for the looks, at least parked next to the current crop of Evil Smiling Great White Sharks, it's super good looking
Well look at it this way, it looks like a Ferrari (when they looked good) for a fraction of the price.
Originally Posted by Ingolstadt View Post
Speaking of the ultimate driving machine, I've only driven a 325 E46 and I must say, it doesn't feel any better than my A4 B5 1.8T, in fact I'm very pissed with the fake aluminum dash panels.
I have to disagree here. The two Audis I have driven (A3 and A6, both current gen) have been utterly boring and uninspiring. Especially the A6 has the worse steering of any car I've ever driven.

On the other hand the two BMWs I have driven have been good, especially the 330i E90. Not only it had good handling but the engine was eager to rev. I felt like they were designed to be driving machines from day one.
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