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Originally Posted by jcp123 View Post
Seems like cars are marching towards being appliances. Electric power steering, those idiotic iPad screens, the agonizing death of stick, the varying degrees of autonomous driving functions.

Will enthusiasts become akin to what horse owners are today, a quaint niche group of hobbyists?
I think cars should be more dangerous rather than safe. People are getting complacent about vehicular safety, it would be helpful just to let people know, hey, you're piloting a 2.5 ton missile moving at 70 mph, get off the damn phone. Plus, lightening vehicles dangerously would do wonders for fuel mileage.

Simplify and add lightness I say! Plus, losing any weight is bound to be great for driving excitement. When I went car shopping I looked at a Civic Sport Hatchback. It had ticked all the right things I liked about it but then omitted a manual parking brake. I can't imagine why anyone would want an electronic parking brake, it's one of the basic necessities in a manual transmission car.

On the other hand, I think Ferrer did well by simply renting an Alfa Romeo as opposed to owning it.

Unless of course you think breaking down is character as opposed to piss poor Fiat/Chrysler build quality/quality assurance.

Edit- there was a Jalopnik article about how terrible the reliability is on the Alfa, but I couldn't paste it here because the HTML goes crazy and gives me a 40 page code in this post.

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