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Originally Posted by jcp123 View Post
Elon Musk is still trading on the slavish goodwill of his fans. Anyone else would have gone down the toilet a long time ago. Tesla, however, still has time.

Honestly, I in no way believe that cars are his endgame anyway. Teslas are merely a means by which he creates hype, as well as a demand for his real business model, charging infrastructure and batteries.
Musk definitely has the money to get it done, and credit where credit is due, he does make the most attractive electric car and has a decent source of refueling around the country, which can't be said for the electric offerings from the other manufacturers.

That being said, some of his stuff is borderline if not complete vaporware. His hyperloop stuff is probably not going to be built, at least not without massive government funding which he would never get anyway.

I've also heard a lot of issues with getting repairs and body work done on time with Teslas because there just isn't an established dealer network to turn over work efficiently and quickly. Plus, he treats his car buyers like beta testers, which is downright dangerous. I don't mind beta testing software on a phone. The car on the other hand, is a projectile, and when everything is drive by wire, it damn better work when I need it to work.

His blatant support of autonomous driving cars is definitely dangerous. It's a half baked idea at best and with people blatantly believing that it is actual autonomous driving is incredibly naive.

His space program is definitely interesting. His direct sale idea for dealer networks is also interesting because it takes all the haggling out of the purchase process, which needs to be commended because that would end price gouging. That being said, the lobby network for dealers is so strong that it would never fly.

All in all, he has lots of great ideas, I just don't like how heavy handed he is in implementing them. Perhaps he's the modern day equivalent of Thomas Edison. He was regarded as a really smart man, but deep down inside, he wasn't a very nice guy and he was a patent troll.
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