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Originally Posted by Kitdy View Post
GM announced it was closing 3(+?) plants today, including one near and dear to me, Oshawa Assembly, just east of Toronto (was gonna apply there). Very sad news for all the thousands of workers losing their jobs, and a kick in the pants for the industry.

Shares were up around 5% today.
Wow, I missed this post. GM pisses me off, they're too short sighted and run off beancounters to see what's around the corner. Even if gasoline wasn't finite, it doesn't take a genius to know that cars/SUVs/crossovers should be fuel efficient. Killing off sedans is stupid. If American manufacturers made sedans worth buying, there wouldn't be any reason to kill them off. When oil goes past $100 a barrel, we'll see what trucks/crossovers they'll sell. It'll be a repeat of the 2008 bailout.

Also, side note on Tesla- I also saw this coming from a mile away.Tesla's (I mean Elon Musk) too vain and making too many different models and stretching their supply chain too thin. If you're a first time auto manufacturer, you don't complicate production by making difficult cars. You build one chassis and modify it slightly to make many different cars. The Model X's gullwing doors add unecessary weight and production difficulty for no reason. Also, if you're going to promise a 35k EV, you better deliver on it. Their cheapest option is around 45k or so at this point.

Tesla announces plan to cut 7 percent of its workforce to aid Model 3 production - The Washington Post

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