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Originally Posted by NSXType-R View Post
Really cool! I'd love to go to one of these races.
It's the first one I've been to since Sebring in 2005 and I highly recommend it. You can go anywhere around the track and through the infield, the garage/haulers aren't even off limits. The first time the Ganassi car wrecked, we made our way back to their hauler and watched them repair it, Scott Pruett and Sage Karam literally brushed my shoulder as they walked past.

The sound is also phenomenal. Believe it or not, the Porsche GT Americas were the loudest cars out there. They were ear piercing as well as the Aston V12. The Corvette DPs were also impressive, they were loud and you could feel them in your chest when they went by.

Originally Posted by NSXType-R View Post

I wonder if Mr. Shelby would object if you stuck that in a Cobra...
Re-enforce the chassis and drivetrain for the weight and torque and I bet he'd give it a shot!
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