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Chrysler Valiant (VG) 1970-1971

August 1970 saw the introduction of another facelifted version of the VE/VF bodystyle in the VG Valiant. The VG's most noticeable difference was the use of rectangular headlamps instead of the traditional round ones (except on VIP models, which used quad round headlamps). The guard-top indicator location was carried over from the VF. The grille was a horizontal, single-plane item, and the taillamps were revised and wrapped around to the body side. Sedan, Wagon, Ute and Hardtop body styles were offered once again as well as the same luxury levels as before.

The biggest announcement to come with the VG Valiant was of the all new Hemi-6 engine, replacing the Slant-6. The Hemi-6 was introduced as a 245 cu in (4.01 L) unit with quasi-hemispherical combustion chambers.

The "Hemi" name was already legendary in America with Chrysler's use of the Hemi V8s, so it was not hard for Chrysler Australia to market the Hemi-6 as a desirable engine.

The 1-barrel version of the 245 produced 165 bhp (123 kW) and 235 lbf·ft (319 N·m).

The sporty Pacer sedan was available again, but whereas the VF Pacer was only offered with the one power output, the new VG Pacer offered 3 different versions of the new 245 Hemi engine, though Chrysler Australia didn't publish any power output figures for the Pacers.

The standard Pacer had a 2-barrel carburettor and produced 185 bhp (138 kW). Option E31 produced 195 bhp (145 kW) and included a two-barrel carburettor, higher-performance camshaft, smaller fan, and windage tray.

Option E34 produced 235 bhp (175 kW) and included a 4-barrel carburettor, high-performance camshaft, dual-plate clutch, manual choke, modified instrument cluster, torque-limiting engine mount strut, larger radiator, smaller fan, windage tray, premium engine bearings, shot-peened crankshaft and connecting rods, and high-capacity oil pump.

Option E35 included a 4-barrel carburettor, high-performance camshaft, heavy-duty engine bearings, a dual-plate clutch, torque-limiting engine mount strut, and the ordinary Pacer-spec transmission.

The VG series Pacers were also the first and last to be offered in the Hardtop body style, of which three were optioned with the E31 package and three were optioned with E35 package. No VG Pacer Hardtops were available with the E34 option.

Due to Chrysler Australia's policy (local content law/government law) of using only locally produced components, and the unavailability of a local four-speed gearbox, the Pacer was offered with only a three-speed floor shift manual transmission.

46,374 VG Valiants were built.

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