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Nigel Stepney Fired

Ferrari have fired Nigel Stepney amidst allegations that he tried to sabotage the team earlier this season.

According to reports, Stepney is under investigation in Italy after claims were made that he sabotaged the Scuderia's cars in the days leading up to the Monaco Grand Prix.

A suspicious white powder was found on parts of the F2007 prior to the grand prix weekend. Those parts were replaced and the powdery substance was sent to police leading to an investigation being launched.

However, although Stepney has proclaimed his innocence, as has his lawyer, the Englishman has now been sacked by Ferrari.

A team spokesman told Autosport: "An internal disciplinary procedure has been completed and Nigel Stepney is no longer an employee of Ferrari."

Stepney, who is currently away on holiday in Philippines and therefore was not present at the disciplinary hearing, is set to a hold a press conference in the near future in order to try to clear his name.

However, Ferrair's now former performance development chief did recently protested his innocence to the British media.

"I have confidence I'll be cleared by the legal process that is now taking place." he told The Times.

"It is just part of a dirty tricks campaign and everything is in the hands of my lawyer, so we'll wait and see what happens."

Source: Planet-F1.
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