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Originally Posted by henk4 View Post
by getting the most votes from an extended panel of European Journos, from many different countries. The difference in the voting by country adn by journo is shattering. I read many of the "reports" by the individual jurors and there was no clear cut winner. It was only the added up points that decided. The thing I noted that all European cars that made the final cut for the European COTY are included in this list, except the Insignia. (Or are the American Journos bound by a pact with GM to net tell the US people that the good GM products are made outside the USA)
Further to this, the Fiat 500 was already last year's European COTY so why it is on this list escapes me.
The jury system certain explains the result of the European COTY.

Perhaps the Fiat in the WCOTY is the Fiat 500 Abarth Esseesse? Or maybe its just because the Fiat 500 has been exported to markets outside Europe in the past year (I'm not sure about the rules on eligibility for WCOTY).
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