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Gran Turismo Sport

How many of you guys are still on the forum and have a PS4 and have time to play video games?

I clearly don't, but I was wondering if anyone happened to have Gran Turismo Sport and can give an opinion on whether to buy or skip it.

I was thoroughly underwhelmed by Gran Turismo 6. I hated the progression, lack of prize cars, lack of available prize money and just the feeling that progression was a complete chore.

I know I won't have time to play Gran Turismo Sport, that's why I want to know if any of the forum members have an opinion of it. There's a surprising lack of reviews on the internet of this game, I'm not sure why. And no, IGN or Gamespot doesn't count, I want a driving enthusiast to review it. I will say, if microtransactions are featured heavily in GT Sport, I am definitely skipping it. Project Cars 2 seems interesting too, and I'm willing to give that a go if GT Sport is disappointing.
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