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Originally Posted by Kitdy View Post
Surprisingly, I check in here now and again. I mostly stopped gaming after high school. Occasionally play some classics on N64 with my buddies.

I may get into the PC gaming scene this winter, due to: it is shitty and cold outside.

One can make time to play games if ya want, but if you're busy it work/SO/friends and stuff, sometimes it isn't a high priority.

Where all y'all at?
I do check in occasionally too haha, I check in at least weekly.

I built a retro gaming system with a Raspberry Pi and I can play old Nintendo consoles on my TV, so that's been sucking my time away too.

But mostly I've just been at work. I finished medical school, I'm a doctor now. Right now I'm off for the next week or so, but that just means I'm studying for my licensing exam. I will say, it's nice earning money for the first time. But man, adulting for reals now sucks.
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