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Originally Posted by pimento View Post
If it's street legal it may not comply with GT2 regs.. and if it does comply, it might not be competitive with the compromises to keep it street legal. That would clearly be awesome though.
It will be EXP1 basically a GT2 except for the fact that it's body shape is based on a one of one (P 4/5) not a holomagated car like an F 430. It's race mechanicals will be F430 GT2. It will run with cats and DOT headlights etc.
After the race other road modifications will be made.

So far it's just the 24 of Nurburgring and likely a practice 6 hour race but I do think she'll bring some fans along so who knows we may get more invitations to race. If Le Mans called I wouldn't say no.
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