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Originally Posted by RacingManiac View Post
I think in the era of Countach, within its time, its just as crazy to drive them on public road as well as approach its limit. Tires are crappier, brakes are crappier...etc
Indeed. And there was less acceleration and less speed. Which meant you could use it more often.

There's also the point about how usage of car's performance has become increasingly penalised (fines) and increasingly difficult (popularity of the car) and increasingly unpopular (uproar in the media against speed). So even if maxing out a supercar in the 70's was still mad the elements were slightly less against you.

Just a final question, what do you think is more difficult/dangerous to get to the limit; a Mk2 3.8 Jag or a brand new XFR? I think it's the latter, despite the increased technology, or precisely because of that.

(By the way, the Countach was a particularly bad example. Can I change it for... uh... I don't know whatever user-friendly supercar there was before the NSX? )
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