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Future of the photo comps

So guys, we currently have noone running these comps at the time. What are we going to do now ?

If noone else is willing to do it, I can run it for a few times. However because of my unpredictable time schedule I can't guarantee everything will be on time. Therefor it'd be better if someone else would do it.

Another heavily discussed issue is the editing of pictures. IMO it would be best to allow either full editing or no editing at all. Why ? Because it is difficult to detect all changes done to them. Also it'd prevent a lot of debate and problems.

What I'd like to ask to everyone entering and/or posting in the future is to make less fuzz of everything. Don't be a whiner and give positive feedback to everybody that is helpful and educative to others. Basically, act mature.

Please share your views on the future of the comps, or volunteer to organise them.
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