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Originally Posted by Man of Steel View Post
Well, if I had not put a title up (which is a translation by the way) I am sure no one would even notice or comment.

What about all the other pic's in the Hide out? I can already guess how many approvals from the publisher/photographers/manufacturers were asked before posting them...

Now it seems I am the only member in the Hide Out who completely forgot about copyright! Hopefully we can keep the pictures online.

If not please feel free to delete them. But it would be hypocrite just complaining about this 1 picture in that case
I am not complaining, I am suggesting. I think pictures downloaded from the internet (many times via press sites of manufacturers) are free of copyright, and if not might be watermarked.
b.t.w. it was only the Ghibli shot in post 7 that came directly from this book?
It is a shady area but perhaps scanning from a book without permission should be avoided.
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