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Originally Posted by CdocZ
The Mclaren F1....I wish another car company, or maybe even Mclaren, would come out and do the same type of thing again - best materials, making up the best custom-designed parts possible, for a car that will obliterate anything to come for a decade, maybe even two. But Mclaren doesn't have a reason too - the F1's are still among the greatest cars on the track, and on the straight-line....and in the showroom I wish I could see one some day. I've seen so much else, but this...not yet
I'm sure everyone would love it, but sadly, I don't see it happening, at least not for a while.

The Veyron is pretty much the answer to your question but, it isn't the same as a McLaren to me. With projects such as these costing so much and involving massive amounts of money + R&D, companies would rather not bother.
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