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Yes, the One77 Motor makes only 550 Ftlbs torque, vs 570 from the 6.1l V12 in the McLaren F1 (I think that was the previous record holder?).

But in all honesty, guys have been making WAY more Horsepower in the garage with NA big blocks for decades. 800HP from a tuned big block running on pump gas is not unheard of, but the engine is a 572 CUBIC INCH V8 with a 1200CFM Racing Carburetor.
Thats about a 20K big block. But is it worth it? Hell yeah.

But I believe 750 HP from a NA production engine is a big accomplishment. Cosworth did a great job of it. And I think its about damn time Aston Martin ha sput a proper engine in their cars. In this day and age, its Ford 5.9l V12 putting out little more than 500HP is unacceptable.
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