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Originally Posted by Kitdy View Post
Who cares? What is it like to drive? How is the sound? How well does it spin up?

What about the engine's power/weight ratio?
I dont think you understand my criticism. A 5.9L/500hp is bad but a 800hp/9.4L engine is good? Granted big block V8's wont have the revs to produce the power for their displacement, but that example was still a $20K engine. Ive seen articles on 1000hp NA big blocks for the record. If you want to discredit the AM, use that as an example.

Originally Posted by wwgkd View Post
Yes, it should for what it costs. I know a guy who gets 750hp and 670lb-ft out of what started as a 460 ford that he built for a total investment of less than $7,000. He drives it daily and has yet (5 years on) to have any problems with it, either. Big blocks aren't about hp/liter, that's like comparing the number of airbags in an Elise vs a Camry, they have a lot of other advantages.
Aston Martin should do better yes but what are their competitors doing? Their current engine is also the product, crudely speaking, of 2 Ford V6's stuck together and tarted up.
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