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Originally Posted by fpv_gtho View Post
Its not just about the number though. You criticise the Aston Martin engine, but it produces more power per litre than the 572's making 800hp.
HP/Litre is a joke measurement. You have to consider that block max's out at 5800 (the Aston Goes to, I believe 8K, I could be wrong though), while the torque is 600FT-LBS as low as Idle, and 650 for a 1200RPM Range. At Idle it has more torque than the 1 Million quid supercar. And then you have to consider thats on a carb and only 2 Valves per cylinder.
It is in stock trim a 10 second engine. If you buy the Race fuel alternative, its 9 seconds easy. Pour 10K in mods (new heads, cams, pistons, etc), you've got an 8 second car. For 30K, you will outrace a One-77 on the 1/4 mile.

Not that I don't think its necessarily better. I mean, the One-77s V12 is mounted 200MMs behind the front axle. It has a pushrod suspension. Its handling is supposed to be brilliant because of this. No cast iron Big Block camaro could hang with a One-77 on a circuit, ever, I'll admit.
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