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Originally Posted by Sledgehammer View Post
I only got slotted because I ordered some rears from Revolution Performance Motorsports and they were out of stock and offered to throw the slotted ones in for no extra charge. I thought "cool, but that will look hella funny with only slotted rears." so I asked if they would also throw in the front rotors slotted for the non-slotted price and they said they would do that as well. So although I didn't need new front rotors, I got them anyway. Just got a new job recently and thought I could afford the extra expense even though I personally didn't need to get the slotted for my driving habits.

In answer to your other question, maintenance on the car is expensive. About 6 months ago I had the transfer box gasket replaced because it was leaking to the tune of $1200, last month I had to replace the radiator because I caught a stone in the corner and punctured the line, that cost another $800 with my car at the local shop for two and a half weeks because they stupidly bought 3 radiators (all the wrong ones) because they cant wrap their head around that aftermarket OEM radiators dont exist because of the low volume of cars, ~500 in the US are identical to mine (white, grand touring). After attempting to mount several of the wrong radiators, they called up the Mazda dealership located the next state away and had to order one through them. I considered buying and upgraded radiator for and additional $170 but couldn't afford it.

Other than those two things, I have had to replace the rear axle seals, and wheel bearings, both around 100,000 miles. In my mind, there have been quite a few things that needed to be replaced due to wear and tear and I am hoping that doing due diligence on the car keeping it in shape will pay off. Right now I believe that the tensioner on the serpentine belt is off because I am getting some rattling off of one of the components in that area, but I haven't had it looked at yet.
Holy cow that is expensive!

I think it's cool that there are owners like you willing to keep a unique car like the MazdaSpeed 6.

The practical and obvious answer to a cheap-ish 4WD car would have been the Subaru Legacy GT, but hey, at least it's something different.
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