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Second update.

We are introducing two new concepts based on the current Blade design. Although we are two simple guys building a fast sports car does not mean we are oblivious to our economy and environment. Therefore we are introducing two new concepts, the Blade EVR and HDR. Also we named the current Blade to the Blade XTR. These two new concepts are something that we have wanted to do from the beginning but due to lack of funds and resources we simply focused on the standard internal combustion engine version. Now we with the current economy we are seeing new technology everyday that makes it possible and even affordable to venture into the world of Green Technology.

Don't think for a minute that we are leaving the world of Gas Guzzling hi horsepower super cars. Oh no... The first prototype will still have the 750 horse power engine. We simply realize that we need to also look into alternatives for clean energy vehicles. There is no reason why going green can't be fast and powerful too.

Here are the new models:

Model 1: Blade XTR

750HP 5.4L V8 ROUSH Supercharged Engine w/ 6 Speed Transmission
Simple, Powerful and Fast...

Model 2: Blade EVR - Hybrid

Front and Rearl Hi-Torque Electric Motors - 300x2 Foot Pounds of Torque each
4 Wheel Drive system providing 600 foot pounds of toque from 0 RPMs to 3000RPMs. (Big Block Performance but all Electric)
Powered by Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries (LiFePO4 - cells), Light Weight, Long lasting, Inexpensive to replace and will not explode or over heat.
Gas powered 100HP light weight 30kw Generator.

Model 3: Blade HDR

600HP 5.4L V8 ROUSH Supercharged w/ 6 Speed Transmission
Hydrogen on demand injection system.
20% Projected fuel savings by injecting hydrogen with standards fuels
Cleaner burn, higher combustion means cutting emissions down for high horsepower sports cars.
Our primary goal will be to complete the Blade XTR first while also working on the other two models chassis setup and testing the Electric and Hydrogen systems.

PS. We understand the controversy surrounding the Hydrogen (HHO) systems, but we have seen some promising results for Hydrogen where we can see this playing a role in green cars.

Please keep in mind that as well dive into all these various technologies, we may change the current configurations for both the EVR and HDR prototypes depending on new ideas or newly developed resources.

The Blade XTR will remain the sameā€¦ its rather simple. More Engine, More Gas More Power!!!...
"Horsepower sells motor cars, but torque wins motor races."
-Carrol Shelby
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