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Originally Posted by Sledgehammer View Post
Why start designing two new drive platforms when it seems the origional engine and test vehicle have yet to be complete? Am I alone in thinking Neil might be biting off more than he can chew?
Hey Sledgehamer,

Thanks for keeping up with us… Wow there has been a lot going on with the Blade Project, almost too much to cover.

First to answer your question… Yeah it’s a lot to take on multiple projects but not all that difficult. Mainly because during the initial design of this project we have always wanted to try alternative drive systems, whether it be electric, hydrogen or some type of hybrid. We have built the chassis to accommodate most of these systems without too many changes or modification to the main chassis design. It only made sense to announce these two versions during all the economical fall out to see what the response would be and to test whether or not it would be accepted by people.

So far the response has been great and overwhelming; the only system that has received any raised eyebrows is the hydrogen injection… it’s a bit controversial but it really does have a place in the automotive world if it can be standardized somewhat.

At any rate our main focus is the XTR version first as it will be the main test mule for everything.

As for additional news… we have a lot going on that’s for sure, we ended up scraping the original design and began on what we call Blade 2.0. We had to go back and redesign few more things on the back end and some on the front. We are pretty close to have the body buck complete and the first chassis completed as well. The Chassis has taken a lot of time to work out, as it requires the most engineering and is the heart and soul of the cars performance. We are expecting to have the first prototype ready for showing in October this year, 2009.

Also we are working on various big funding opportunities as this will be a critical part to ensuring the success of this car. We still have a lot of Hype and excitement surrounding the car and we will get it built, but if we had some investment funds or grants we would be able to speed things up tremendously. So far everything is funded by me and my partner.
Here pretty soon we are going to revamp the website since we changed name and became incorporated. And we will send out regular emails and newsletters. It’s just been too busy to try to update everyone and every time I try, something changes... LOL.

- Neal
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