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Originally Posted by Rasmus View Post
Just out of curiosity, with side windows that tall, will they be able to roll all the way down? And if they will, won't they then start flapping bit if they're rolled up and the door is open? Doesn't seem like there's enough room in the door to correctly support the windows.

Oh, and Model 1 is going to have the GT500 plant with the Roush 2.3 TVS?
Hmmm the windows do not seem that tall to meÖ maybe itís just the rendering of the images. If you saw it in real life its looks vary proportionate. As for the answer to your question, yes the windows fit fine and sit about an inch from the bottom of the inside door. And when rolled up they are supported by about 6 inches of extra glass still inside of the door along with the quarter window which has a track for the glass.

With that said if we get funding then we will probably change the doors to not use the quarter window at all.

- Neal
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