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Originally Posted by megotmea7
push button transmission selection on the dash is a horrible idea however...
Why ?
Gear selection is still done by the paddles.
Only the choice to be in Park or Drive or Reverse is on the buttons.
best to keep them seperate and avoid the going into reverse at 55mph ( which I've seen done in a Ford Taurus !! Impressed the box stood up to it !! )
I think a lever woudl ahve been worse and I suspect an upa nd down selection button would have raised the horrors of use interface BMW envountered witthe I-drive concept

I do agree it's a bit 'twee' and unecessary considering the Renault Auto has self-selecting auto-park. The only choice with it is Drive or Reverse. But maybe Renualt have patented it and thus stopping others being as 'smart'.
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