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Originally Posted by clutch-monkey View Post
yeah it was awesome, even being on the wrong team playing with the guys is sexilent
i think i mostly lead my team since they appeared to be a bit below average/bad ping, which explains why it would appear i killed you the most - although much lol when we simultaenously grenaded each other from across the map laughed so hard at that i actually did alright with the barrett as well on overgrown
did you rank up at all? stop the clan from playing for a week til i get back, and rank up in that time...

Yeh, ranked up to 41. I loved that american guy we played, "lol look at those guys, all in their little cute clan" *match starts* *much slaughter* *match end* "fcuk, you guys are good, makes me look like a two year old"

well played I say good sir!
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