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ok, and now some images of the old Bugatti factory in Campogalliano, out of Modena. on July the 18 it was sold on a auction for 8.1 millions of euro. After the Artioli's Bugatti went out of business, the factory was bought by a local enterpriser, which was found guilty of fraudulent bankruptcy a couple of years later. this auction was meant to raise some money for paying the bill. it was bought by a local cooperative of industrial construction. probably it will completely change in the next months.
I planned to visit the B.Engineering factory too, but I forgot the address and no one seemed to know it in the is the factory behinf the Edonis Concept, based on the EB110 platform and used for testing the Veyron's tires during its difficult development. Now they are planning a restyling of the Edonis, and in the meanwhile the are the official reference for owners of the EB110.
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